Western Systems

1122 Industry St, Everett, WA

Phone 425.438.1133

E-Mail Sales@westernsystems.com

website http://www.westernsystems-inc.com/


7401 1st Place, Bedford Heights, OH

Phone 800-362-0240

E-Mail  sale@mtechcompany.com

website www.mtechcompany.com

Authorized Dealers

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Southeastern Equipment Comp, Inc

10874 E. Pike Rd, Cambridge, OH

Phone 1-800-798-5438

E-Mail sales@southeasternequipment.com

website http://southeasternequip.com/


Inglaterra N32-235 y Guayanas Esquina

Quito, Ecuador

Phone (02) 252-9923

Guthrie Heli-Arc

6276 Clinton St, Bergen, NY 14416

Phone 585-494-2600

e-mail megr@guthrieheliarc.com

Texas, Arkansas
Washington, Idaho, Oregon

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you. 
e-mail sales@dynavacequipment.com

Call Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm eastern time
315-865-8084 * 888-298-8668

 Fax 315-865-8956

Mass, New Hampshire, Connecticut

Sewer Equipment Central

Ohio, Michigan, W. PA, N. VA
New York

Vacuum Sales Inc

51 Stone Rd, Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Phone 856-627-7790

email jredstreake@vacuumsalesinc.com

N. Carolina, S. Carolina
Western NY
Reliability Point, LLC

2825 Miller Ranch Road, Suite 225

Pearland, TX 77584

Phone 225-663-8990

e-mail info@reliabilitypoint.com

website: www.reliabilitypoint.com

Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois
J&J Equipment

9055 Brewerton Rd

Brewerton, NY 13029

Phone 315-699-0656

e-mail  jandjequipment@cnymail.com

New Jersey, NY City
Reliability Point

7934 Wrenwood Blvd, Suite A

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone 225-663-8990

e-mail info@reliabilitypoint.com

website www.reliabilitypoint.com

Fareco S.A.
Boulevard Tarata 294 - Piso 7
Miraflores, Peru


Rodders & Jets

811 East Liberty St

Sumter, SC

phone 1-800-293-2012

e-mail mbjr610@aol.com

South America

HP Fairfield

9 Green Street, Skowhegan, ME

​Phone (207) 474-9836

​E-Mail sales@hpfairfield.com

Website http://www.hpfairfield.com/